Paint Stripping Old Items VS Buying New Ones: Which Option is Better?

When it comes to interior design, almost everyone wants to make changes from time to time. Bought a couch that doesn’t fit in your current interior design? You can easily repaint your existing wooden items and make a match with the new piece. 

However, after a while that new couch you bought will no longer be new and you may want another change. So, before repainting all those wooden items at home once again, you would be required to strip the various layers of paint, to use them bare or apply new fresh paint. This also applies to including some old items in your interior, such as doors and a cupboard that have long been forgotten in your attic. 

When it comes to interior changes, even though stripping is an option, quite often, people will buy new items instead of renovating what they already have. Maybe this is a more convenient option, but is it the most sustainable one? 

For that reason, the topic of stripping old items vs. buying new ones is imposed. Here we’ll go deeper into the pros and cons of each, just so you can make an easier choice when it comes to interior item solutions. 

Paint Stripping Old Items

Other than being a less expensive alternative than buying brand new wooden items, paint stripping is a more sustainable alternative to keep your traditional items alive. However, paint stripping can be a bit complicated if you’re doing it on your own. It can take quite some time and also a lot of effort. You have to own a particular set of equipment that will keep your skin and health safe. Also, there are plenty of techniques and methods you need to adhere to in order to do a successful job when it comes to obtaining a smooth finish. This includes the drying process as well. 

Paint stripping can be a point of lead exposure and toxicity, especially if the paint on the items dates 1978. As a result, professionals like ourselves, have plenty of experience dealing with such paint, without compromising our health. When choosing to strip paint on old wooden items, it is best to contact professionals to do it for you, instead of getting into this venture on your own. This way you can avoid many dangers and also skip the cons that come along with paint stripping, leaving the job to true professionals. 

Buying Brand New Wooden Items

Contrary to paint stripping as a way of revival and renewal of old wooden items, there is buying brand new items. Buying brand new items can sometimes be cheaper, however, the materials used will not be of the same quality as some antique wooden items you own. 

If you choose to buy new items to add up to your interior, you have a larger choice when it comes to the design you can choose, compared to refurbishing an already existing item. 

However, buying a new wooden item doesn’t mean that you won’t change your mind about it in the future and you won’t strip its paint or renovate it later. It may also come down to paint stripping later on. 

What Is a Better Choice? 

Depending on your budget, needs and current situation, you can decide whether stripping paint off wooden items or buying new ones should be the best choice for you. Those of you that already have some valuable pieces at home that could be used, stripping is the best option. However, if the pieces you have are already falling apart, chances are stripping won’t be worthwhile. 

Whether you decide to go on with stripping an item or buying a new one depends on your expectations as well. If you are into sustainability and have decent valuable items, you can contact us at Paintremoving to do the work for you. This way you will save time, and money, and avoid efforts that can have hazardous results. 

On the other hand, if you go for a nice look rather than quality wood, there are plenty of new modern pieces that you can add up to your interior design for a reasonable price. 

So, what’s it going to be?